Sunny Coast

Summer is still coming but we've already had some severe weather in South East Queensland. Summer can be a volatile time of the year for us with the possibilities of drought, flood, storms and fire and then thankfully there are those perfect days - blue, blue skies, not too hot and gorgeous cool, clear ocean water to bathe in. 
The Sunshine Coast was a big part of Duncan's life, holidaying here often and eventually moving here permanently. There was no other place he'd rather be...or is that me? Maybe both of us!
Given the importance of the Sunshine Coast to Duncan and the family it's no surprise that the first collection includes more images from in and around the coast. I couldn't resist. While the beaches are always popular, there are so many waterways, inlets, lakes and creeks dotted about ready to explore. Duncan was keen to get out and about when he came to the Coast for holidays, often getting up early to capture the fog drifting across the river or waiting until the afternoon when the clouds cast out low over the ocean. 
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Fun Fact: Did you know the Sunshine Coast was not always the Sunshine Coast? It was originally the near north coast - way too boring. In the late 1950s the name Sunshine Coast was first floated but it took almost a decade to be officially adopted and now it is affectionately known as the Sunny Coast.