Passion = action

As a small child watching my grandfather photograph and paint and draw, his creative and technical processes unfolding, I was totally enthralled. How natural it looked, how easy. What took me a lot longer to realise was that these were skills he had learnt over many, many years. Decades in fact. I now appreciate even more what he created and his passion for it. While I can no longer sit with him in his studio, watch him work or talk to him about art, I am truly lucky to still have his photographs and paintings. It’s a beautiful collection of a lifetime’s work. It speaks to me about learning a craft properly, being patient, trying, watching and waiting and enjoying creating no matter the time it takes, and learning from each piece to create an even better one the next time.

I love this collection and I wanted a way to share it and preserve it and not have it wither and disintegrate in drawers unseen. My grandfather and I spoke of this but it took me a long time to action, but now I have and in doing so I have finally found a passion. In immersing myself in his work, not just flipping through his photographs but reading his notes and his stories, when and where he took the photos and in some cases what techniques he used, I was hooked. I wanted to keep learning more about his photos and paintings and about their history. 
This is where my passion lies—action has followed and Joyce Bay created.