About Joyce Bay

Joyce Bay was created as a way to share a collection of beautiful photographs of Australia taken last century by award winning photographer Duncan McDermant. Duncan emigrated to Australia in the 1920s and spent his life capturing the Australia that he saw. These images reflect his connection to his new home in Australia—its beauty, wildness, energy and its hope. To celebrate his work we have created a small collection of beautiful prints with his images. We hope they will mean something as special to you, as they do to us.
Purchasing one of Duncan's prints will help us preserve this wonderful collection.

About Duncan

Duncan was born in Scotland in 1919. He came to Australia with his family as a young boy, settling in Brisbane where he grew up and later married. While he was born in Scotland, he developed a strong connection to his new home. He was intrigued by Australia and drawn to its many stories. You can see this in his work which includes expressive Australian landscapes, images of historic and iconic buildings that draw on his technical art training, playful character portraits as well as everyday street scenes. It was not uncommon for him, along with his patient family, to wait on the side of the road for hours so that he could capture the perfect light for a photograph. During his life he actively contributed to the advancement of photography in Australia—writing journal articles for magazines and also lecturing. He was awarded a Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique distinction, Artiste (AFIAP), in 1962.